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AKM Logo

Your first choice for gas sensing modules, analog audio and magnetic sensor IC’s should always be AKM,
Alcohol and CO2 Sensing Modules
Audio, Tuner, RF, DAC, Codec, ADC, SRC, DSP
Hall Effect, Encoder, Current Sensor, Motor Drive, LDO, Compass, Clock
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Amazing Protection for Amazing Results
Automotive and Industrial ESD/EMI Protection Devices
Transceivers CAN RS485
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CoAsia-Itswell Logo

In a crowded lighting Market, CoAsia’s growth and customer focus prove they are your future LED partner!
Flexible and vertically integrated LED manufacturer
Automotive Exterior/Interior, Lighting, Appliance, Custom Modules
SMT, COB, Leaded T-1 3/4
Tight color Binning, Major EOM Tier and WW CM Support
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Preferred choice for UVC Disinfection from today’s Hygienic system manufacturers.
High Power, Long Life, High Efficiency UVC LED’s, Modules & Systems
UVC Optimal Wavelength of 260-270nm for Air, Water
and Surface Disinfection
High Quality, Low Defect Epitaxial Structures Based on
AIN (Aluminum Nitride) Substrate
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CWT knows Power Supplies and Chargers. With both wireless and wired designs, iQuest can help you get to know CWT!

Power Supply PC, IPC, Industrial, Enclosed Switching
Telcom, Open Frame
Wireless Charger, Power Bank
Adapters, USB Chargers
Power Cables, Magnetic Components, Heatsinks
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DLC Display Logo

DLC is the OEM go-to manufacturer for TFT, LCD, and Cap Touch modules for appliance, medical, industrial and automotive applications.

Standard LCD Glass TN, STN, FTN, DSTN, IPS
Total Assemblies with Glass, Backlight, Cover Glass and Touch Panel
Passive Monochrome Graphic and OLED Displays
Wide Temp and Sunlight Readable
Custom Backlight and Colors
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Fusion Worldwide Logo

The premier global technology sourcing distributor. Your first call should be to iQuest for any component shortages from your current supply chain.

Integrated Circuits
Memory, Storage, Passives
CPUs, Cards, Networking, Boards
Computer Products, Peripherals
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Hosonic Logo

World-Wide manufacturer of Crystals for many private label brand across all markets.

Crystals: 32.768 Tuning Forks, MHz Seam, AuSn, Glass, High Temp
Oscillators: 32.768 CXO, MHz, Mini, High Temp, Low Jitter, LVDS, LVPECL, VCXO
Temp Sensing Crystal, TSX
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Richwave Logo

Your go-to source for mix signal RF ICs with innovation and dedication leading to brilliance in our customers designs.

Wifi 802.11n/ac/ax in Networking
5G/4G/LTE in Mobile Phones
AM & FM Receivers in Broadcasting
Wireless Audio and Video
Saw Filters, IOT
Samsung-ECO Partner
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Inductor and magnetic manufacturer that is focused to help iQuest’s partners succeed in their first design!

Coils, Inductors, Beads, Common Mode Chokes, Transformers
Thermistor, NTC, CAP Pressure Sensor Element,
Varistor, ESD Suppressor
RF Bluetooth, CMMB Antenna, High Pass, Low Pass,
Band Pass, Filters, Switches
Tantalum and Polymer Tantalum Capacitors
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Sunwave Selco logo

iQuest can open the door to manufactured, packaged sensors to ensure your end product exceeds your customer’s expectations.

Sensor Modules, Float Switches, Paper Counter
Magnetic, Temperature, Pressure
Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Whitegoods
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iQuest knows when you need high reliability memory storage and contract manufacturing, you can rely on Unigen!

Storage: M.2 U.2 SATA SSD, CF, CFAST SD, USB Flash, eUSB and More
DDR3 Through DDR2
Contract Manufacuring Including Electronic PCBA, Box Build, Metal Forming, Welding, Laser Cutting and Mechanical Assembly
Compliance Testing
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